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Prescription Glasses and Fashion Eyewear

We have a large selection of eyeglasses, designer eyeglass frames, brand name prescription sunglasses, and a great selection of kid's eye glasses.

Lens Technology

E2E Vision has a large variety of choices for the most optically enhanced lenses for your prescription. Our lens options include Freeform, which is the latest most advance technology tailored made for your eyes. The technology is more personalized then even Hi-Def optics. Let us show you how this can change your view of what you have been seeing and how fantastic you can see. We work with digitally enhanced wavefront lenses and aspheric optics which help reduce aberration, also called distortion, and give you precise tailor made lenses. The result is custom enhanced vision for all aspect of your busy life.

Designer Frames

Progressive lenses (PALs)

Worried about failing eyesight as you get older? You need progressive lenses, PALs, they allow you to make a gradual transition from near to intermediate to distance vision. PALs have a digital, free-form design that can be tailored to each individual's visual demands and eliminates the obtrusive bifocal or trifocal line. For those that spend a lot of time on computers, PALs can widen the midrange, i.e. computer range, to give you more area to look through.

Anti-reflective (A/R)

Reduces eye fatigue from computers, phones, fluorescent lighting and headlights with anti-reflective lenses. By reducing the glare and sharpening the visual performance, anti-reflective allows you to see more clearly. The Blue Blocker technology absorb short, blue wavelength from computer screens and cell phone screens to protect the eyes against internal damage. During your next visit, ask us about this lens technology.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses respond to changes in ultra violet light and temperatures. The newest technology makes the lens virtually clear indoors and darkens outdoors for a sun wear protection all in one pair of lenses. The plastic material includes a scratch resistant warranty. This lens is ideal for the individual that needs versatility in their eyewear.

Children's Eyewear

E2E Vision Optical also has a complete selection of children's eyewear. Our opticians will assist in selecting a frame for your child that is fashionable, durable and fits properly for your child's specific daily activities and needs.

It is our recommendation that all children get spectacle lens made of polycarbonate material as it enhances safety by being shatter-resistant on impact. It is also our recommendation that all children have their glasses routinely adjusted for best vision and comfort. Our children's frames include brands from SKECHER , VOGUE, and FUNDAMENTALS.

Skechers Eyewear


Prolonged exposure to direct ultra violet rays harm your eyes as well as your skin. Wearing sun wear with protection against ultra violet and glare allows us to be protected and have fun in the sun!

Polarized lenses are the lens of choice for reduction of reflective glare. Polarized lenses, for driving or outside exposure to snow, water and all reflective surfaces, filter the light and reduce glare. Your vision is more distinct with polarized lenses. Stop in and let us show you how polarized lenses can help you have more comfortable vision!